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30 How (33 today)
31 If those hot winds


1 We ran into (Later in the day)
2 I have always been absentminded
3 Before (I wanted)
4 OK Computer (My closest friend)
5 So much business (Nick is not only)
6 Yesterday i swam (a sign i saw)
7 Blown lunch date today.
8 the sight
9 The glib pen
10 I've just figured out (I just received)
11 Drove through a thunderstorm (I woke up early this morning)
12 I've been giving
13 I pulled in from Nazareth
14 I spent all day toying
15 there is no path
16 It seems that Nick, (Nick and I plan to see)
17 It's official.
18 Actually, it's a long story.
19 I seem to be at one (Tonight I must)
20 I know. It's only (I finally wore out the heel)
21 Another one of those restorative (Sometimes I panic) 22 Slept till 10 am (If anything, tonight's show)
23 One of those deliciously
24 Paying bills, (Also filled out)
25 It's grocery shopping day. (I can't get over)
26 My earliest memory
27 I burned the stuffing.
28 Enterzone frenzy starts
29 idea for web site
30 Well, I've been writing (Still putting together)


1 Been nursing something
2 Taking a sick day,
3 One hundred and sixty-four
4 Spent the better part
5 i'm not obsessed with microsoft.
6 when i joke about
7 saw a double rainbow,
8 i think a key plot point
9 "I hate this bank!"
10 Now I have to wait four to five (There was something else I intended)
11 Last night I couldn't keep up (Had a good e-mail exchange)
12 Winnowing and refocusing (Going mad trying to think)
13 Sad and spacey all day,
14 Our house is settling.
15 what you have (lemonade)
16 I found, in an old mailer,
17 When I wrote a few days ago (Still working on nav)
18 In the final procrastination countdown (It really is hard to write)
19 one drawback to this diary (overheard crying)
20 because we're going to newyork
21 briggs gave me a wheel of time
22 I'll be in Newyork
23 Caught the sunrise this morning
24 Christmas Eve, it turns out,
25 Peter gave us a Balul,
26 jetlagged, we slept in
27 i made a point of scheduling (The weaning process)
28 trying to honor
29 that's a paddington hat



4 I'm actually looking forward
5 Among the messages on the phone
6 Still trapped in new car paperworkland.
7 Another small day of incremental steps.
8 there's nothing more pathetic (got three answers)
9 "That shit don't flush,"
14 Playing catch-up.
21 recommitting myself
22 bird shit
26 tired of living in a crisis mode
28 Rushing isn't getting me
29 woke up at 3 a.m.
30 finally got the first chapter
31 raw notes from derek


1 rich and martha
2 so excited was i
4 The latest rainstorm
5 Met with Michael and Suki
6 Finally called me Dad.
7 After my first really productive week
9 Took my first baby steps
11 teller even manager
12 My scanner is still acting fickle
13 Pretty benign for a friday the 13th.
14 Can anyone explain
15 i'm trying to decide
16 i think the duration
17 this upcoming phil & friends
18 a brutal bust on the corner (up or down)
20 file under told it backwards: (takes so little)
21 Woke up still groggy
22 learning how to feel bad
23 have to tackle that email backlog
24 the faretracking service
25 working late last night
26 Had to beg off
27 Couldn't get much work (The show itself was perfect.)
28 Having gone to bed at four


1 Sarah and I said goodbye
2 Visited B at her office
3 I'm strangely at peace
5 Levi drove himself from SFO
6 I do hip stretch yoga
7 The first west coast
8 bliss continues sleep
9 My parents lost their
10 Called Sarah today
11 I almost can't believe
12 Jotting a quick
13 Yesterday found no pen
14 I do want to keep
15 A small birthday dinner
16 tired sleep early
17 Disoriented by the house
18 Saw this graffito
19 I wrote this
20 Filled up my current (TTssure to finish up)
21 The original plan
22 Once I absorbed
23 B spent all day
24 Big push to get ms.
25 As I clear away (Cult thread)
26 Finished the last chapter
27 Made my deadline!
28 All these late nights
29 B's got the flu.
30 Looks like I've got this bug
31 bill day.


1 paula jones
2 Nick asked me
3 take stock in therapy.
4 Sleep in.
5 On the way to Martha's
6 What's to be my next (Write scene or chapter)
8 Working lunch with shacker (Got the cash together)
9 rough night (when i'm out of here)
10 got car back
11 even presidents
12 Finally sat down with B
13 going on the radio today
14 plan was to get my taxes
15 Dropped by the Federal
16 Delicately unlacing
17 Torn between two (Going now to)
18 briefly stopping into
19 up till 5
20 Pain in my upper-right
21 Imagined an ideal routine (off to new orleans)
22 We arrived after 10 pm
23 Dinner at the Upperline
24 air-conditioned grandstand
25 parked at Carollton and Delgado
26 Arriving at nearly 1
27 Seen from St. Charles
28 up early, it's raining for real
29 I finished that Busy People
30 Barbie Nation showing (Got encouragement to pursue)


4 Took Mr. Bean in
6 Depending on whom you ask, (used cell phone)
8 my smile is chapped
10 "Hello," said the wobbly
11 mother of no one ("Only women are ever)
12 Stress causes colds (Yesterday I picked up)
15 Jazz is
16 Monterey-- I'm doing
17 deal with it
19 My dreams have been
23 don't forget dream from
25 phenomenon of saving best
26 At the Sonic Youth
27 Said of a friend
29 so much writing
30 The writing retreat
31 Nick finished his


1 Holed up at home
2 Listening to the radio
3 I always used to forget ("Me on the outs with you)
4 I forgot I'd asked
5 Briggs' sister Peg
6 Didn't get enough sleep,
7 I lost 700 e-mail
8 Took B to the airport


16 Call it a summer (Good a place as any)
18 Checked in to see
20 Cobwebs or butterfly wings


2 Addled or otherwise


14 Are you still

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